I am bugged.  I love the layout of wordpress, and how the site looks clean and professional.  I like how easy it is to use.  But I’ve been getting irritated with wordpress lately because it is very limited.  It won’t let me do so much that I want to.

I’m going to try a new blogging home for a while and see how I like it. I’m not as in love with the layout options, but it’s a lot more flexible.  So it’s worth a shot!  You can find me at stillgoingtograceland.blogspot.com.  I’ve already duplicated all the posts from this site to that site, and will keep this one up for a while as I make sure that this is a move I want to make permanently.   If you follow me, please go to the new site and follow me there too and adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

Sorry for the blog shuffling! But thanks for reading!