My mom (and probably countless other folks) have taught me over the years that it’s not ok to push and shove. I thought that was something we got over as we outgrew 5 year-old meltdowns in the grocery store.

But as I was running errands yesterday, it felt like there was a lot of pushing and shoving going on. I lost count of how many cars almost ran me over, not because they didn’t see me, but because they were convinced that if they moved in on me, that it would be no problem for them to come on in. I’m glad I drive like a granny, because were that not the case, I’m certain I would have been in a serious accident yesterday.

Even at the stores, it was the same thing. Angry people with buggies who just weren’t going to stop, nevermind that your buggy had the right-of-way. (Yes, there is such a thing…it’s just like driving. You don’t make a left turn on top of someone who is going straight.)

And I got cussed out at the gas station for pulling into a pump. Apparently, someone across the station had their eye on that particular pump and made a beeline toward it just as I was pulling in.

The lady that helped me at an office supply place treated me like I was dumb as a rock when I asked for a box to mail something.

What’s going on, that people are boiling over all the time? What has happened that people have become convinced that if they don’t push and shove, they won’t get anywhere in life? I hate to feel this way, but I’ve come to expect this on Black Friday. People want the deals and the parking spaces. Parents will do whatever it takes to get THE toy. I dread it, but at least I know it’s coming. I’ve called it “the angriest day of the year” for many years. But for one day a year, I can handle it.

Black Friday attitudes are taking over. It’s an angry world out there…