It’s a delightfully chilly, cloudy fall day.  The husband is yelling at the Tennessee-Florida game, and the pets are hiding out from his loud voice.  I’ve had the windows open all day and have been snuggled in all the quilts that I collect. I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 2. I’ve been fighting a cold, but mostly my brain is tired.

Today is everything I’ve ever prayed for in a day of rest. I started with a clean house.  I had a little time to myself while D was on the radio (sometimes, being an introvert married to an extreme extrovert is tough!) I’m getting ready to go on a long child that will require a sweatshirt.  And I’ve cooked. Spaghetti is simmering away.  I made D “pub dip” and pretzels, and a pumkin dip for me. Before the night is over, I’ll have made most of the meals we’ll eat during this busy week. Tonight, maybe I’ll read and knit.  Maybe I’ll start a new painting.  Or maybe I’ll just be.

But I’m grateful for a chance to put myself back together, a day that has placed absolutely no expectations on me. I haven’t cooked anything that would be classified as “soul food”, but my heart doesn’t know that.  Today is a happy-heart sort of day.