Plinky.com is a great site that offers daily writing prompts–which is lovely for folks like me, who want to write more, but don’t always have something about which to write.

A prompt I love: name something intangible that you never want to lose.

Of course, there are lots of things: my husband’s love, my desire to write, my hope that people will eventually learn to play nice, my sense of compassion.  But there is one that is so much at the core of who I am that it cannot be overlooked.  The thing that would hurt the most if I lost it, I think, is my sense of humor.   I love to laugh– and to be a part of other people’s laughter. On days when the world is crashing down around my shoulders, being able to eek out even a giggle somehow improves my outlook.   I think, if I lost my sense of humor, I might not actually be me anymore.