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During our last big snow storm, our Dish Network was knocked out– which immediately made my husband ten shades of foul.  He was an avid TV watcher–if TV watching could be a hobby, that’d be his.  But we made do– we had netflix after all, and there were plenty of things to be watched.

But as days passed, we realized we didn’t actually miss the TV that much. We had been taking comfort in its mindless noise, but there just wasn’t that much on that we had to watch.

So on Monday, we took the plunge.  We called Dish Network, and had our service discontinued.  And so far, we’ve been immensely pleased with the decision.

Instead of numbing ourselves by just plopping down in front of the TV, we watch only the things we really want to watch.  We’ve been grooving on the Ken Burns Civil War documentary lately, which is something we never would have watched when inundated with NCIS, SVU, Glee and House.  But we also just watch less TV in general.  We read together and cook together and take long walks in the cornfields behind our house.  Life seems generally more satisfying.

I’m saving over $70 a month, and my life is happier and more under control.  It was a scary choice at first, but I’m looking forward to what the extra time in our lives might lead to.   Who knows? Maybe if my creative energy isn’t being sucked away, then I might finally write. Or knit. Or take pictures.  Or make gourmet meals. Or conquer the world….