Forgive me.  I don’t usually slip into commentary on random social phenomena, but I’m feeling compelled.

My husband and I have become fans of the fox show, Glee.  We loved the first season, and raved about it to everyone we knew.  The plots were funny, and the music was outstanding!  We expected more of the same from season two, but have thus far been tremendously disappointed.  I can’t exactly remember what the theme of the first episode of this season was, but this week’s episode was “Brittany Spears”.  First of all, just gag me with a rusty spoon.  The show was trashy, and the music seemed to require very little talent. (I’m not musical, but my husband is… and he was even more appalled than I am!)

I’m young, at least if the 25-30 group is still considered to be young.  And I would have guessed that I was in the show’s target audience, but I think the producers must be aggressively seeking followers from the younger crowd. Well, that’s fine and good–everyone wants to reach as broad an audience as possible–but at what cost?  Seriously, if next week’s show is as bad as this weeks, we’re out.  I wonder how many folks my age and older are suddenly feeling too old for the show?

Of course, you have to contextualize to some extent.  The idea is to make whatever product you’ve got marketable to as many people as possible.  But at what point do you jeopardize the integrity of what you had?

I guess this is how older church members feel when the church is changing things, working to bring in new/younger members.  Or maybe I’m just much more of an “old soul” than I realized.   Either way…what have they done with my Glee?